Brown sugar
Fluted pie crust

Brown sugar (light)

Brown sugar (light or dark) tends to harden (like a rock!) and must be kept in an air-tight package, as shown.


Fluted pie crust

Fluting is created by pinching dough with two fingers or a thumb and one finger

Crimped pie crust, unbaked
Crimped pie crust, baked

Crimped pie shell (with dough and crimping tool)


Crimped pie crust, baked

Pastry blender
grapefruit knife

Pastry blender


Grapefruit knife

Traditional New England bean pot   Pumpkin baked and ready to be puréed

Bean pot

Although bean pots come in other shapes and colors, this is the traditional look. Only the number of handles changes (one, two or none). Baked beans are a winter treat, since they bake in the oven for about eight hours.


Baked pumpkin

You can see the parts that are too leathery to be puréed where the pumpkin meat is starting to turn brown. However, this pumpkin actually could have been baked a little longer.

Black bananas for banana bread    

Ripe bananas for banana bread

These bananas were bought yellow and sat in my kitchen for three weeks until they looked like the photo at left. At this point, the skins are thin and leathery, but these banana were still relatively firm (meaning they didn't pour out of the skins) so they probably could have sat another week or two and still been fine for baking.

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